National Human Trafficking Hotline

Secrets: Sex Trafficking in ICT

No one is waiting to help you. Whisk you away. Save you. 

Almost everything I thought I knew about domestic violence (DV) and sex trafficking was wrong.

You’ve seen those stickers on the back of bathroom stalls like look like the above image. Call or text for help. It seems so simple. Call that number, and society will send in SWAT.


Reality is sad.

I experienced the system firsthand, taking whatever women we can safely house. Wichita has one place that will accept women being trafficked or battered called Harbour House. It’s incredible. But Harbour House is full and has a waitlist. Women also must prove that they need to be there. It makes sense, but it also keeps a woman from escaping the danger if that’s the only place. There’s Hope Ranch. Their application process takes about two weeks, and it’s an intensive faith-based program. It’s also a great program, but the lag time is a problem for a woman fleeing and in need of shelter. 

Other possibilities – a shelter. A homeless shelter is a dangerous place for a DV or trafficking victim. Super Dangerous. They get recognized in the shelter, and it gives them a reason to run again. People have seen them work the street. People may notify their handler for the cash or to curry favor. 

There are exceptions, like when the police have an open case against your handler and need you to testify.